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Queen Mary Couture

Queen Mary Couture - Women Shops in Shoreline Village

Queen Mary Couture

A chic eclectic boutique!

Find on-trend apparel and accessories for everyone! A cutting edge-assortment of Hip and Vintage-inspired, Rocker-Chic fashion! Check collections by Steady, Stop Staring, Breaker, Doe & Rae, Vocal. Bags, shoes and accessories by Lounge Fly, Chelsea Crew, Chinese Laundry, Mama’s Little Babies, Classic Hardware, Downton Abby by 1928 and Tokyo Bay, fragrances by Tokyomilk. Queen Mary Couture also carries Art by Black Market Art, Cosmetics by Besame and amazing décor items and wonderful array of fun-edgy books!

Queen Mary Couture was established in 2006 by Ernie Chacon Jr.


429-I Shoreline Village Drive
Long Beach, CA 90802




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