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Breathe cleaner air in your home & office!

Stop by not just to smell the roses but also sample euphoric ocean scents, caress repurposed seashells, resonate with sea glass & stones, vibe with sounds of surf, peruse our relaxing artcraft aquaria, and shop our kaleidoscope of arrangements for your or loved ones’ home or office!

We offer only the best gifts for you and the environment. With proper care, our perishables should last weeks to months or even years. No returns; one-time exchange within a month for same, if unsatisfied.

Eco-beneficial floristry including NASA-recommended houseplants for cleaner air. Succulents, air plants, terrariums, arrangements, memorable gifts!

Life-like aquaria, starfish, seahorses, jellyfish, dolphins, sharks, rays, penguins, octopi, mermaids/men/?. dragons, etc.


*** JULY 2022 ***

MON-THUR 11-7pm
FRI-SUN 11-8pm


429T Shoreline Village Dr.
Long Beach CA 90802




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