Smile for the Birdie

Smile for the Birdie

Unique, exciting fun for the whole family with our friendly exotic birds! Let’s us take and print a high-end resolution photo of that prefect special moment of you holding our colorful tropical birds. Hold, pet and learn about our feathered friends. We are all about pictures and brings smiles to everyone’s face, one printed portrait at a time.

We’re all about pictures and bring smiles to many faces. We create great pictures and fun memories here at Shoreline Village. Many have admired exotic birds, but very few gotten the chance to see them up close or even hold one. This is all about to change! Nowhere will you find friendlier exotic birds than ours. Now you get the chance to hold our birds, play with some, talk with some and leave with a memorable photos as though one of our colorful birds just landed on your shoulder.

Hours of fun, Saturdays & Sundays 12:00-7:00.
Additional hours of operation for spring and summer listed on Facebook or call 626-221-0395.

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